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Get Cheap Liability Insurance!

Looking for a Cheaper Catering Liability Insurance Quote? We offer cheap liability insurance to caterers. We cover all types of Caterers when it comes to Liability! If you are a Caterer and you need a Liability Insurance quote, then we can help provide you the cheapest one possible.
We work in close partnership with some of the countries leading catering insurers who offer cheap but full liability insurance cover ensuring you get value for money but full cover as well. Our liability insurance policies are tailored to you meaning you don't pay for any extras that you don't want!
Cheapest Liability Insurance Quote Guaranteed!
Cover Available From 1 Day To 12 Months!
Public, Products And Employers Liability Cover Available!
All Other Non-catering Trades Considered!

Cheapest Liability Insurance - Call 0845 130 4555
CIQ is a trading type of Mobilers Insurance Services Ltd, authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. (FSA No. 300401)
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